Selling your home can be one of life’s most stressful events, especially if you want to sell it fast. House sales can often drag on for months, leaving you wanting to pull your hair out with the stress of wondering will it ever sell!

The great news is technology is enabling us to find new ways of researching the best professional help you can trust – especially when it comes to our homes. If you’re thinking about selling your property or currently trying to, here are the best five ways you can fast-track selling your abode within a week.

Find the right real estate agent

Don’t just hire a real estate agent you heard of – get some options. Australia’s leading real estate agent comparison site OpenAgent, can help Australians find and compare the best real estate agents in the area at the best price. Finding the perfect real estate agent can be like a fairy godmother, not only can they share the knowledge and skills they possess with years of experience, they also have the administrative support to handle everything from calls scheduling showings to even offering styling tips and essential feedback on what buyers look for in a home.

Make your home look photoshoot ready

You’re putting your home on the stage, and unless it looks appealing in the photographs, finding an audience might be close to impossible. Remove the clutter, tidy and repair your home (even with a fresh lick of paint or two) in order to create some new life into your home. Even consider hiring a home staging professional or home stylist, who can make your home not only impeccably clean, but also present your home in the best light possible. This might include removing personal touches that are unique to the seller, including clearing family photographs, risqué artwork, collections and knickknacks – in order for the potential buyer to be able to envision their own life in the house. You can find the perfect home stylists or stager in your area on Houzz to narrow your search quickly.

Prepare your listings and consider fixed viewing times

Consider taking a week off work in order to have fixed viewing hours so you can offer flexible hours for people to view at any hour of the day. By offering flexible hours and viewing times, allows the pool of potential buyers to be a lot bigger. In addition to this it’s important to be strategic when choosing the day to go public with a listing. Get your home ready for sale on Monday with prepping and then list your home on the Tuesday, which gives you enough time to stage and prepare your home to a high level and allows potential buyers to make well thought out decisions throughout the week to keep your home top of mind by the time the sale is made.

Decide on a competitive and realistic price range

Today’s buyers are very educated about the comparable sales in the area, which heavily influence the fair market value of your home. To make your home competitive and sell quickly, have your real estate agent get you the sale prices of the three most similar homes that have been sold in your area in the past month, then try to go 10-15% below that when you set your home’s list price. This way your home looks like it’s a great deal, and on some occasions even receive multiple offers (which can begin an exciting bidding war!).

Promote, promote, promote!

Don’t leave all the marketing up to your agent. Do your part to get the word out about the sale of your home by making social media your best friend. Use your personal social media accounts to send the listing page to your friends and family. You never know what, or friend of a friend might be in the market for a new home in your area. You might even consider spreading the word about your home in your neighbourhood by word of mouth – tell your neighbours and local businesses!

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