Shana Danon director of Organised Clutter shares her expert advice on how to organise and  maximise space in the smallest room in the home.


1. Remove packaging
All extra layers of paper or plastic take up valuable space and are better off in the recycling bin.

2. Containerise
Adjustable drawer inserts or clear boxes work well to contain small items in drawers and cupboards. No more sprawling products or domino effect! Sort items by category and store in rectangular or square containers with no lip to maximise space and view content easily.

3. Check expiry dates regularly
Make up, contact lens solution, medicines, cleaning products and toiletries all have use-by dates. Refer to medicine instructions for safe disposal.

4. Don’t hoard hotel toiletries
Try not to be tempted by travel freebies. They are often unused once home, and are common clutter culprits! Charities and shelters value donations of any unopened products.

5. Get rid of unwanted gifts
Toiletries and perfumes are often well-intentioned gifts. Don’t feel obligated to keep if not your scent. The value of space earned by decluttering will benefit you more.

6. Keep surfaces as clear as possible
A plant or a scented candle can add a personal touch, but limit the amount on display. Clear surfaces are easier on the eye and easier to clean.

7. Add extra storage
Not every vanity is blessed with spacious storage. If you are replacing or adding extra storage, consider vertical units to maximise floor space.


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