Storage is a big problem in some houses, especially where people have extended up or down and have used up all the available nooks and crannies for extra bedrooms and office space. Before you take your house apart finding solutions, have a good clear out and see what you can get rid of. Be honest with yourself – do you genuinely have things that need storing or are you a hoarder in denial? Once you’ve done that, you can consider the following storage solutions.

1. Extend up
When you’re fitting cupboards in your kitchen or built ins in the bedrooms, don’t stop at reaching height. Fit them all the way up to the ceiling and use the top areas for things you don’t use every day. Tip: Keep a small set of steps handy.

2. Recesses
Cabinets sunk into the wall are great for saving space in small rooms such as the bathroom. They also create a nice streamlined look. On the downside it obviously means more work putting them in so it’s best done when you’re renovating your bathroom and when there’s building work going on anyway.

3. Double up
If you have a garage, consider installing a mezzanine level in the space that sits over the bonnet of your car. You can typically build about a 1.5 metre deep platform that won’t get in the way of your windscreen. It’s a great way to get your garage clutter stored neatly away and you can use it for sports/beach equipment too.

Other potential storage places…
Under the stairs, in an alcove, in a window seat or built-in garden furniture, inside partition walls or sunk into the kitchen floor. Basically anything that creates a box can be used for storage. Ask your builder to come up with extra storage ideas whenever you have work done.


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