Image showcases a pet bed from Sophie Allport.

With walls to be knocked down and tiles to be chosen, it can be pretty easy to forget about your fury friend for the entire renovation process. But if you’re smart and think about your pet before all the planning is done, you can squeeze in some great ideas. So consider the following…

Where will the pet bed go?

Take note of the size of your pet bed and measure it to see where and how it will fit. If your pet usually sleeps in the laundry, it may be possible to create a nook under shelving that will keep the bed tucked away from foot traffic and make use of an otherwise empty space. If it’s near a door to the backyard, even better – a pet entrance will enable them to come and go as they please (and whenever nature calls).

Where will your pet eat and drink?

When you’re so in love with your new kitchen floors, covering them in a towel and water bowls can be disheartening. Instead, why not have a designated draw with built-in pet bowls. It will keep them off the floor and can be tucked away when needed.

Where will your pet sit?

If you can’t resist letting your pet snuggle with you on the couch, take this into consideration when choosing your fabrics. If they like to scratch, avoid anything chiffon and go for more stain-resistant materials like leather and ultrasuede. These materials are also less likely to start developing a ‘pet smell’ if wiped down regularly.

Does your pet malt? 

Ah fur – so cuddly, such a pain to clean up. If your pet leaves a trail of hair wherever they go, aim for hard floor where possible for easy sweeping. And if you do go with carpet, take into account the colour of your pet’s fur and try to pick one that will disguise it the best. Nobody wants to vacuum on a daily basis.

And then there’s the garden, here’s one that was designed specifically for dog owners: