Image showcases a Linee Kitchen by Team 7 at Wharfside.

As the weather gets warmer and the sun starts setting later, it’s only natural to want to entertain guests more often. To make sure your kitchen’s up to scratch, here are six cleaning projects for you to tackle this weekend.

1. Tackle the fridge
Take everything out of the fridge and toss anything that’s passed its expiry date. Wipe down all the shelves with white vinegar (it’s anti-bacterial) and then wipe over jars and bottles before you put them back. For bonus points, place a small bowl of bicarb soda in the back of the fridge to soak up any odours.

2. Now tackle the pantry
Again, remove everything (everything!) and toss anything past its expiry date. Now take out all your essentials – flour, rice, noodles, pasta, sugar and so on – and place them in clear glass jars. Pat yourself on the back: you’re now a grown-up.

3. Clean the oven
Ugh, we know – it’s awful. But we promise, this is a foolproof and (relatively) simple method. Take all the racks out and place them in your bathtub (lay towels down first to ensure your racks don’t scratch the enamel). Fill the bath with hot water and dishwashing liquid and leave overnight. Then coat the inside of the oven with a mix of baking soda and water, and leave this overnight. The next day, use a spatula to remove the paste in the oven and wipe clean with white vinegar. Scrub the racks and wipe them clean with white vinegar. Then pour yourself a white wine.

4. Lids, meet boxes
Take out all your Tupperware and organise it. Connect each box with its lid and congratulate yourself on a job well done.

5. Clean your cutting boards
Scrub your wooden cutting boards with a mild antibacterial soap and rinse with boiling water. Leave in the sun to dry. To maintain, rub the board with salt using a cut lemon. Again, rinse in boiling water and dry in the sun.

6. Clean your sink
Sprinkle your sink with baking soda and spray with white vinegar. Scrub with a cut lemon and rinse with boiling water.

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