Image showcases wallpaper from Debbie McKeegan (left) and in-spaces (right).

If you still think of wallpaper as daggy, difficult to use (and even more difficult to remove), then get ready for an update. These days, wallpaper not only looks amazing, but it’s simple to apply and is easily removable. All of which means that it’s a brilliant way to add a new style element to your home. We love these unexpected places to add a spot of wallpaper. Even better? You can complete these projects in a weekend – or less!

On a bar or counter
Use a cool geometric pattern or a print that mimics the look of tiles on the front of a bar or countertop. It’s a way less expensive alternative to actual tiling. Plus, if you want to change it, it’s a lot easier to remove wallpaper than removing tiles.

On a chest of drawers
Found a perfectly good – if a little boring – dresser at a vintage store? Or maybe you just want to gussy up a drawer you’ve owned for years. Either way, covering the front of a set of drawers in wallpaper is a simple, cheap hack to have it looking like new again.

In a nursery
On a feature wall or even on the wardrobe doors, wallpaper looks great in a nursery. Choose easily removable wallpaper so you can update it as your child grows.

On the ceiling
Ceiling wallpaper is completely unexpected – and that’s why we love it! Go for large-scale patterns and ensure the print and colour fits the decor of the rest of the room.

On kitchen cabinets
Whether outside or in (that is, within the cabinet itself), wallpaper is a simple way to make over your kitchen.

On the staircase
Strips of wallpaper along the underside of your stairs add a quirky element to your home. Opt for matching or non-matching – it’s totally up to you.

On shelves
Wallpapering behind shelves – whether floating or part of a bookcase – looks amazing and is an easy way of updating a whole room.

As a headboard
Don’t have the budget for an actual headboard? No problem. Hack it with a piece of removable wallpaper. Complete the look with a floating shelf above the wallpaper, and it’ll look impeccably styled.