Cushions are my weakness but it’s getting hard to find room to sit on my sofa. Are there any rules for mixing colour and pattern that I can use to edit them down to a group that looks good together?

“We get it – cushions are the easiest way to refresh your space,” says Jodi Hall, national field visual manager at West Elm. “Instead of adding to your pile, try simply switching over to new covers so you can indulge your love for newness without compromising on comfort and space on your sofa. Edit them down to a single palette at a time – say a variety of sea greens in various textures and patterns. Or, if you’re inclined to mix multi-coloured and patterned cushions, try to stick with either all florals or all ikats in the same basic colour combinations to avoid it looking too busy. A mix of shapes, such as lumbar and square cushions in varied sizes, brings dimension and interest, too.”

 Can’t get enough of cushions? Here are some of our favourites: