Image above features garden design by Peter Fudge Gardens.

My lawn has quite a few clover patches and some dead patches. What can I do in winter to get it looking good for spring? 

“Lawns can take some time to improve, but they also really slow down in the cooler months so it’s hard to effect change and still keep them looking good,” says Matt Leacy of Landart Landscapes. “If you use herbicide to kill the clover, you’ll be left with dead patches for a lot longer, as the lawn is growing so slowly. Similarly, fertiliser is much less effective at this time of year and can damage the lawn. I’d wait until the start of spring to kill the weeds and fertilise the grass. In the meantime, mow it regularly so you can’t see the clover, but keep it a bit longer than you would in summer to maximise photosynthesis and keep it looking as green as possible.”

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