Image showcases lights from IKEA.

Sorry to be Captain Obvious, but lighting can drastically change the appearance and functionality of a room.

I mean, how many times have we seen the judges grill The Block contestants for not providing enough light above the mirror in their bathroom? And while Shaynna’s low score might not matter to you, walking around with too much blush on will.

Use these tips and tricks to ensure every room in your home is lit to perfection.

#1 Use different lighting techniques

There are three basic lighting techniques that should be considered when designing a room; general, task and mood.

  • General = a uniform light throughout the whole room
  • Task = a concentrated beam over a limited area
  • Mood = to soften the contrast between task and general light

“For a room to be inviting and functional, you need to combine general lighting with task lighting and mood lighting, and work with natural light when available.” says Helen Longford, IKEA Home Furnishing Specialist.

#2 Start with general lighting

To make life and lighting easy for yourself, set up your general lighting to appear with one flick of a switch. It could be a large central ceiling light or downlights – just ensure it provides uniform coverage over the whole room. There should be no sharp contrast between light and shade.

#3 Add task lighting

Think about the function of each room and what you’ll be doing in it on a daily basis. Reading? Add a floor lamp next to your cosy arm chair. Putting on make-up? Ensure no shadows are cast across your face when looking in the mirror. Stand in certain spots, mimic actions and consider the time of day (what may work in the morning might not work at night).

#4 Finish by setting the mood

The real fun comes with mood lighting, because there are no set rules. Play around with all kinds of “lamps, picture lighting, candles and decorative lighting chains to create interesting patterns of light and add atmosphere.” says Helen.

Use the colour, pattern and shape of your lighting surrounds to add individuality. Helen recommends the IKEA PS 2017 floor lamp. “It will bring an industrial look to your space; it was inspired by old train search lights.”

#5 Discover drawer lighting

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, so why not make it truly shine? “Lighting inside your kitchen drawers will perfectly illuminate your utensils and give your kitchen a high end finish.” says Helen. You’ll never have to fumble around looking for the ladle ever again.

#6 Bedtime beams

Reducing your light levels before bed can help your brain to wind down and get ready for sleep. So for those who always need to finish one last chapter, adding lamps into your bedroom design is essential.

Helen’s suggestion?

“Centre two direct wall lamps over a double bed so that they can be adjusted to a comfortable angle without disturbing the other person. When hung from the wall or ceiling you can also save space, add a sense of drama and highlight your style.”

You can also try a less permanent version by clipping the Sara E27 Clamp Lamp by Mercator ($24.95, Temple & Webster) to your bedhead.

Love a statement pendant light? Say no more…