Sometimes renovating can simply be about exposing the beauty in the bare bones of the building’s architecture, rather than transforming it. 

Ceilings in particular often host exposed beams or arched supports, that can be worked to create a stunning feature that pays homage to the building.

Kerena Berry from Designbx shares her ideas for creating something practical and dazzling up above. 

#1 Art overhead

Artwork has adorned our walls for as long as we can remember, so let’s flip this norm on its head and explore how we can display art from up above, in a non-denominational way!

Ceiling art can be utilised in many forms, depending on whether you’re bold enough to commit to something as permanent as paint or looking for a more temporary solution that can be easily removed or relocated, like vinyl. Think everything from graffiti murals, sculptural installations, fine art and everything in between, applied directly on the ceiling.

#2 Suspended storage

The ceiling is also a great solution to consider for storage, especially during a time when most of us are short on space! Custom storage solutions are available to suspend from the ceiling and can be great in not only garages, but kitchens, laundries, bathrooms, bedrooms and living areas as well.

#3 Let there be more than light

In most cases, room lighting is located in the ceiling so why not choose lighting that can be a feature even when it’s switched off? Whether it be an amazing pendant light or chandelier on its own, or multiples of smaller lights, a stunning design surrounding the bulb/s will make it even more impactful.

#4 Wow with wallpaper

Its namesake shouldn’t limit its application; wallpaper on the ceiling can achieve amazing results. In fact, any material usually applied for wall or even floor covering (pressed metal sheets, boards, vinyl decals, lino, tiles etc.) can be a really interesting way to elevate the perspective of a room. Get creative with pattern, texture and colour to really draw the eye up. You won’t be disappointed!

#5 A splash of paint goes a long way

Paint is another easy way to accentuate a ceiling design and you can use block colours to achieve similar results as wallpaper. Using complimentary colours will bring the space together, or contrasting colours will make a real statement. In a smaller room, using cooler colours on the ceiling will make the ceiling lift. Alternatively, bring the ceiling down by using a warmer colour.

#6 Glass and mirrors

Glass and mirrors are always a great way to create a reflective and interesting atmosphere, especially when over your head. They’re typically used to bring more light into a space or make a room seem larger.

It can be a tricky element to play with because of how the lights reflect within the room during different times of the day, and during the varied seasons of the year, so make sure to test before permanently placing. 

Kerena Berry is co-founder and Head of Interior Design at, Australia’s first complete online interior design solution, home to over 12,000 home décor products, and a Personal Shopper service that coordinates the supply and delivery of furniture and homewares.

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