The use of the latest lighting technology has resulted in two timeless statement pieces

the original: ‘Fortuny’ floor lamp

The form: A floor lamp with a tripod base and umbrella-like shade. What makes it special: Spanish-born fashion designer Mariano Fortuny was also a keen lighting designer and inventor, working across a range of disciplines from photography to set design and architecture. His interest in lighting came at a time when electricity was first being introduced into Europe. From his couture house and atelier in a beautiful palazzo in Venice, he devised a clever method for reducing the glare from the unsophisticated light bulbs of the time using concave reflectors. Utilising this, Fortuny designed special systems for projecting light onto sets in some of Europe’s most famous opera houses such as La Scala in Milan. Although the floor lamp, which was designed in 1907, was primarily designed for photographers with its folding leg system and adjustable height,
the lamp has subsequently become a big hit with interior designers. Reissued in 1985 by Italian lighting company Pallucco, the giant reflector has the look of a vintage parasol and is available in a standard version, as well as in special fabrics such as the Rubelli gold linen and silk plissé or the Giudecca 805, which uses original Fortuny fabrics. The lamp also comes in two sizes.
Expect to pay: From $5500.
Buy at: Fanuli.

the up-and-comer: Flos ‘Superloon’ floor lamp

The form: A tripod-based floor lamp with a flat disc-shaped shade. What makes it special: Designed by Jasper Morrison, ‘Superloon’ refers to the moon – as in lunar – rather than an eccentric person. Essentially a light that could only have been made in 2015 due to the LED technology used, the design reduces the light source to a perimeter ring that reflects off a flat disc, which rotates in virtually any direction thanks to a beautifully simple gyroscopic design. In addition, the light has a sophisticated dimming system that allows for the altering of not only the intensity of the light but also the colour, just like the moon. The lamp stands almost two metres tall – it’s an imposing light despite its minimalist form.
Expect to pay: $9415.
Buy at: Euroluce.