Despite the popular urban myth that washing ones towels, pillowcases or bed sheets is a periodic event, say like Mercury slipping ever so casually into retrograde, we all know there are certain cleaning rituals most of us avoid like the plague which we really shouldn’t. FYI, ‘spring cleaning’ is not a mantra you should adopt for all parts of the house.


We spend a third of our lives in bed, so it bodes well to make sure it’s kept adequately clean. Crazy, I know! Though stripping the bed and fussing with fitted sheets isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, between all the dead skin cells, bodily fluids, dust mites and more, your bed sheets should be washed once a fortnight at the very least. Once a week if you’re the type of person who enjoys bringing a midnight snack to bed – bugs just love crumbs and food scraps.

Similar to sheets, pillowcases should be washed every other week. Unclean pillowcases can cause breakouts on your back and neck and clog your pores. As the saying goes, it’s cooler on the other side of the pillow – so try to flip your pillow over each night, too.

As well as pillow cases, you should wash your pillow at least 2-3 times a year. Pillows can harbour mould, yeast and other bacteria, and if you’ve never washed your pillow, you might want to throw it away and consider buying a new one. Sorry!


Hand towels not only get used several times a day but are also kept in parts of the home where airborne bacteria is rampant. Think about that for a second. Good. We’re on the same page. These should ideally be washed every 2-3 days. Hand towels are cheaper than regular bath towels and easy to replace, so it shouldn’t be an issue keeping more than a few on high rotation and switching them out regularly.

Similarly, bath towels should be cleaned after third or fourth use(!), so always be sure keep a few on hand. 




Hands up if the thought of cleaning your fridge makes you a tad squeamish? Knew I wasn’t the only one. It’s inevitable that a place that stores perishable food items will have its fair share of germs (over 700 times the safe level of bacteria, to be exact!) so try to give your fridge a clean at least once a month. You heard me. Handy hint: vanilla essence is a nice natural way to combat unpleasant odours in the fridge without the fear of nasty chemicals coming into contact with your food.



If you’re a frequent microwave user who sometimes forgets to use plastic wrap or microwave-friendly containers (guilty), you’ll probably notice a build up of gunk and food particles over time. Well, what did you think would happen? Air on the safe side and give your microwave a wipe down after each use with a paper towel, some warm water and a splash of apple cider vinegar.


Kitchen countertop 

It’s not so much the germs and bacteria on your kitchen counter (well, it is) but more so people wiping down benches with dirty sponges already contaminated with spoiled food particles and bacteria. Ick! Wiping down your kitchen countertop after each use is a no brainer, but make sure you’re using clean sponges too. Opt for biodegradable disposable towels (most of which remove 99.9% of bacteria) if you’re not in the market to start your very own expansive sponge collection.



While curtains are certainly prone to collecting their fair share of dust particles, don’t be tempted to clean them as regularly as your bed linen or carpets. 2-3 times a year will suffice – washing your curtains too often will cause the delicate fibres to break and your fabric to lose colour.



I could get into stats on just how filthy your computer and smartphones are, but since you’re using one of the two to read this, I won’t gross you out. Just know that you should be giving these a wipe down with some antibacterial spray at least once a week. You’ll thank me later when you actually look it up.


While the toilet has a bad rap in the Olympics of uncleanliness, recent studies show your bathtub and shower (depending on which one you use more often) are the real winners. Congrats? Bacteria found in adjacent to baths and showers are comparable to your household bin. Scary. It’s not rocket, science. Clean your bathroom as often as you can! Recommended once a week, at the very least.


If that last read wasn’t enough to inspire a clean, white bathroom, this sure will.