Fact: kids come with stuff. Lots of stuff. There’s the clothes, the toys, the craft, the shoes, the books, the schoolbags, the dress-ups, the stuff they’ve outgrown, the stuff they don’t fit into yet… it goes on and on and on. The solution? You need excellent storage solutions. Luckily, we have them.

Look under the bed
Not for monsters, though. Most beds have ample space underneath that’s rarely use – so put it to good use! Under the bed is a perfect space for storing out-of-season clothing or shoes. You could use a trundle box to store toys, too.

Hang it up
Add a hanging, compartmentalised organiser over your kids’ bed for books, toys and (during winter) tissues for snuffly noses. Similarly, an over-the-door shoe rack makes a great home for small toys and dolls.

Get spicy
Use cheap spice racks for quick, easy book storage – that also happens to look amazing.

Use vertical space
Floor space is so precious – so go up instead of out. Bunk beds are an obvious choice for two kids sharing a room, but you can also use a bunk bed as a desk/bed combo or a bookshelf/bed combo. Ladder storage and shelves that extend to the ceiling make the most of vertical space, too.

Build a platform
It seems counter-intuitive, but in a small room, a platform can really maximise space. Adding a platform – with built-in storage – zones off the bed area and leaves the rest of the room free.

Or add a mezzanine
Adding a small loft gives your little one a space of her own, freeing up space on the floor and making the most of a small area.

The quickest, most efficient way to free up space is to get rid of stuff. Regular decluttering – especially in kids’ rooms! – will ensure you won’t have too much to store, anyway.

Plan, plan, plan
Make a plan as to how you’d like to plan your space before you start. Where does the bed go? The closet, the play area, the craft corner? Play around with the floorplan until it makes the most sense.

Wall-mount it
Use wall-mounted lights to ensure your little one can read in bed – this also frees up space around her bed.

Want more? Here’s how to double your kitchen storage: