Image courtesy of The Blue Space.

Having a meltdown every time you open a door or drawer in the kitchen? Try these tricks…

+ The saucepan lids

Nowhere to put them? You can buy pan lid organisers or you could simply attach a towel rail to the back of
the drawer or cupboard door.

+ The freezer avalanche

Avoid the pile-up with plastic storage containers. Stack them neatly to maximise space and label them for ease of reference.

+ The spice storage

Kitchen law states that the one you need is always at the back. Invest in a spice rack or lazy Susan so you can easily see what you have. This is a great solution, especially if your spices and condiments don’t come in the exact same size bottles.

+ The plastics drawer 

Fact: If you cook, you have a plastics drawer. Declutter regularly, buy stackable containers and keep the lids in a separate pile. Maintain. Repeat.

Want more? Here’s how to DOUBLE your kitchen storage: