We at Inside Out solemnly swear that in 2017, we will fix, finish, create and embark on these home-improvement projects, for better or worse.

1. “I really need to buy proper vases if I’m going to continue my fresh-flower obsession. These stunning blooms had to be displayed in a protein shaker. At least I’m innovative” – Samantha, commercial online editor

2. “I need to decide on an artwork to sit above my sofa. And to conquer my irrational fear of hammering nails into a wall to hang said art so I can have all my artwork framed, instead of stuck on with Blu Tack” – Virginia, chief sub-editor

3. “I want to sort out my home office/junk/spare room and let go of some old magazines and paperwork, and do a general edit to prevent feelings of guilt and mild anxiety every time I walk past. Having said that, the piece of Bhutanese ribbon did come in handy for a book-week costume #confessionsofahoarder” – Mia, creative director

4. “I’m going to whip my courtyard into shape with plenty of lush greenery. Everything I put out there dies due to neglect. This year, I will remember to water my plants!” – Louisa, sub-editor

5. “My plan for 2017 is to gradually replace everything our new puppy Otto ate in 2016. That’s one sofa, several cushions, two cane chairs, countless socks, at least six pairs of shoes  and a couple of doormats. He’ll stop chewing soon, right?” Victoria, associate editor

6. “I want to update my bedroom and experiment with more colour, then brighten it up with a new plant” – Michelle, designer

7. “My new year’s resolution is to work on my green thumb! Hopefully, I’ll keep my strawberry plant and herbs alive and maybe add to my little balcony garden” – Belinda, editorial coordinator

8. “I’ve just started renovating my new home so hopefully it’ll be finished by next Christmas!” – Crystal, deputy art director

9. “I want to give our front balcony some love. It’s so cute and is flooded with morning sun, but we haven’t paid any attention to it since we moved in 10 months ago” Jessica, style editor

10. “My sister recently moved into her own place so we now have a spare room that I can convert into an office space! I’d love lots of plants in there, as well as a beautiful wooden trestle desk. Dad and I might also build some shelves” – Natalie, market editor

11. “I need to decide on the perfect white tone for my walls. I’ll get out my overalls and paint rollers and listen to The Rolling Stones’ ‘Paint It, Black’ while I dance around the room” – Carla, product manager

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