Image courtesy of Pottery Barn.

Should I choose a small or a big rug, relative to my living room, to make the space look larger? Any other furniture tips for a small space? Nicholas, via Instagram.

“It’s not so much the size of the rug, but how you use it,” says
Rhys Duggan, national field visual manager at Pottery Barn. “A small rug can look great anchored under a compact bench seat at one end of a room, creating a multi-zone space. But it should never float in the centre of a room with the furniture sitting outside of it – it’ll look like a Band-Aid for the floor. Or if the rug is too big, it can feel like the walls are closing in. Ideally, a rug should end halfway under the sofa and a hand-span away from your sideboard, with a coffee table scaled to fit comfortably on it. In a small space, look for furniture that includes smart solutions, such as hidden storage in sofas and tables with folding leaves.”

Want more? Here’s some inspo from a small, but sophisticated apartment: