It’s one of the most commonly searched flooring terms, and for good reason – black Japan flooring is beautiful, but it’s also pretty niche. Indeed, in Australia only one brand, Feast Watson, offers the flooring finish. So what is black Japan flooring, and why would you consider it for your home?

Black Japan flooring is a translucent, oil-based product that works well in older-style homes. With a dark (almost black) finish, black Japan has a beautiful lustre (without being too shiny).

One of the things we love about this finish is that you can choose the depth of colour you want – while Feast Watson recommends three coats of the polish, you can stop at two or even just one, depending on your preferences.

We also love the finish’s durability – it’s very forgiving and hides a multitude of sins (which is part of the reason it works so well in older homes, where floors can be, well, flawed).

The only real downside to black Japan finish is that it’s time-intensive. You’ll need to wait three days for your floor to be ready for “light traffic” and a full seven for it to be entirely sealed. But as they say, good things come to those who wait.

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