Virginia Selleck, sommelier and owner of Magnum + Queens Wine, weighs in.

The deal: Customised wine fridges from Vintec, Liebherr, Transtherm and EuroCave are some of the best, and look super stylish. Wine will become oxidative, volatile and taste ‘cooked’ with temperature fluctuations and heat.

The pros: A wine fridge offers  reliable temperature-controlled storage for wine bottles while also providing a spot for an immaculate display of bottles. Smaller units can hold 30 bottles or so and fit neatly under a bench. As long as you have the space, it’s worth the investment.

The cons: At my house when friends are over, we always gravitate to the kitchen. I’m positive that the temptation would be too great for us, so a lock would be a must!

The verdict: A definite yay for me! You could also try seeking the cool, dark and quiet space in the back of a bedroom cabinet, or lie the bottles on their side deep under a staircase.