With the increase of smaller homes we are requiring more innovative and attractive storage ideas. Exposed shelving, hutches, ledges and mantels are just one way to cleverly expand your storage, but sometimes, hanging these items correctly and safely on plasterboard walls can be intimidating if you don’t know how. When hanging items, safety should be of the utmost importance and fixing directly into the timber studs in your walls is a must. Rebecca Tyndall of Willow & Wood shares the easiest way to find the timber stud in your plasterboard wall.
Firstly, timber studs run vertically and are usually spaced either 450mm or 600mm apart.  Between these studs there are shorter pieces of timber running horizontally called ‘noggins’.  These help strengthen the wall.  Plasterboard is then glued and screwed onto these timber studs.

1. To get to know your plasterboard wall, walk along the length of the room, knocking firmly with your knuckles every 5 -10cm.  You will notice different tones in different areas. The area where it sounds hollow and feels like it’s vibrating, there are no studs at all.  Where the sound is duller, less quiet and feels solid – this usually means you are close to a stud.
2. Once you feel you’ve located an area where a stud may be, you can do a small test to confirm exactly where the stud is without having to drill a hole.  Take a sewing machine needle or pin and gently tap it into the wall approximately 10mm with a hammer.  If it pushes in easily and goes through the plasterboard, there are no studs. Keep testing around this area until you find the exact location.  If it goes in through the plasterboard and suddenly hits something hard, you’ve struck a stud.

3. Once you’ve found the stud, drill a small pilot hole through the plasterboard into the timber and then screw your shelves or picture hook into that hole.

4. Depending on what you are hanging, you may need two fixing holes and you often won’t have another stud available in the position you need your second fixing.  In this case, use a plasterboard anchor at one of the fixing points to ensure the item is securely fixed.

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