Image showcases the Butterfly Tango Chair from GlobeWest.

You’ve laughed, you’ve cried and you’ve even threatened to knock the whole thing down and start again, but you made it. Renovation complete.

But there’s still one more hurdle to jump: selling.

Research by OpenAgent, a real estate agent comparison site,  concluded that households aren’t maximising the sell value of their homes.

So how can you make sure you’re getting the price you deserve for all your hard work? Start by following this advice from five top stylists:

Tip 1: keep it tidy

“Make sure your home is clutter free. Your family photos and general stuff need to be packed away long before you show your property. Look at it this way, you’re going to be packing up anyway. Organise storage if needed.

Also add warmth by including fresh flowers and beautiful smelling candles. It seems obvious, but you’d be surprised at the people that miss the mark on creating a warm and welcoming entrance into what is potentially a new home for the prospective buyer.”

– Cathy Morrissey, The Renovation College

Tip 2: keep it bright

“Ever walked into your room at a resort and you instantly fall in love? Create this! Let the light in! The biggest turn off is a dark home. Use the brightest light bulbs and open the blinds and curtains.
Also make a statement with a piece of largely scaled, bold art and wow factor light fittings. If it looks upmarket, it feels upmarket. When you create the feelings, the emotional attachment is stronger and the fear of missing out drives a bidding war.”

– Shona Belvedere, ShonahBstyle

Tip 3: flaunt your goods

“Identify the WOW room. This is the area to show off – it’s your hero shot. It might be a beautiful living or dining area, an outdoor entertaining space or master suite. Make it sparkle and sing. It may well be the area that you fell in love with when you bought the place, and it’s probably the area the next owner will be tempted by. This area should be beautifully furnished and presented to show off space and utility.”

– Belinda Grundy, BG Property Styling

Tip 4: use plants as ornaments

“We use leaves as floral arrangements in houses as they can last longer than flowers and gives a room a modern look. Orchids in bathrooms if looked after (and not over watered) should last the 5 weeks of a campaign.

Also for your kitchen, keep the bench tops clear, with just a small group of items at the side. We normally use a chopping board to cover power points, so the photos look better and you don’t see them.”

– Stacey Moran, Moran Property Styling

Tip 5: think of seasons 

“Reflect on what is happening outside. Layers of throws and fluffy cushions in rich colours are great for winter – fresh flowers, lighter colours and surfaces for the warmer months.

Also CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN. From your oven to the cobwebs on the outdoor setting – dirty surfaces and areas that look unloved, especially areas like windows.”

– Kylie Harding, Style to Sell

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