Image showcases vertical garden from Design 3000.

The Easter long weekend (or any long weekend for that matter) is the perfect opportunity to complete a quick home makeover. And it doesn’t have to be overly time consuming or expensive either. These quick ideas from Cherie Barber (of Renovating for Profit), all come in well under $1000.


1. Glass act

Out with the mouldy shower curtain and unsightly frosted glass screens! You won’t even recognise your shower, with a brand new CLEAN screen. You can pick up clear glass ones for well under $500 online. And while you’re at it, why not update the mirror and/or shaving cabinet too.

2. New hardware

Install modern taps and hardware like handles, towel rails, door knobs, hooks – they’re the small details that add up to a really big difference. Consider the latest bathroom trends when deciding on a style.

3. Lighting

As always, modern lighting is a must. No need to go moving electricals (which can be time consuming and requires professionals), but you can simply update the fitting you already have. New light coverings can instantly transform your bathrooms look, and the same goes for other rooms in your home (think lamp shades, statement pendant lights etc).

(pictured – one of Cherie Barber’s renovation projects)


4. Makeover your cabinets & benchtops

Surfaces looking a little drab? Paint straight over old tiles and laminate benchtops or go over the top with a glossy, clear top coat.

5. Revamp your appliances

Use a specialist product called Rustoleum Appliance Epoxy Paint to bring up old appliances like brand new. I opt for the modern stainless steel colour.

6. Get creative with your splashback

Replacing your splashback can be quite cost effective if it’s just a small area of tiles. Tiles can be as cheap as $15-$20 sq/m if you shop around, and you can get some fantastic patterns and shapes. Subway tiles are always a safe bet if you’re after something timeless.

(pictured – one of Cherie Barber’s renovation projects)


7. Clean slate

Sometimes a decent clean is all your worn facade needs. Break out the high-pressure hose for an industrial-level clean that will take decades off your paths and brickwork.

8. Get gardening

Fertilise the front lawn, trim any unruly shrubs or add some affordable pine sleepers to trace and define your garden beds. Or for those with more of a black thumb than a green, an impossible-to-kill indoor plant might be more your style.

9. Finishing touches

Your facade is the first thing guests come across, so why not add a little personality? Paint your front door a bright colour (check out this gallery for inspo) add modern letterbox or attach some house numerals – it’s the little things!

(pictured – one of Cherie Barber’s renovation projects)

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