We gathered an eclectic collection of beautiful props and called in six stylists. Their task? Style up a set of shelves. The catch? They can only bring two personal items – and they have no idea what’s in store!

propping & production: Alicia Sciberras  photography: Craig Wall

Claire Delmar:

Did you have fun? It was wonderful – being able to turn up almost empty handed was a real treat. One of the difficulties of being a stylist is the constant packing and unpacking, and the administration around the loaning of products.

What did you bring along? I brought a photographic print from a collaboration I did with photographer and friend Felix Forest. I also brought a piece from Alana Wilson – I really admire her work and always seek to support Australian artists.

Did you have a plan? No, no plan – that was the beauty of it!

What’s your secret to arranging shelves? I develop the concept depending on the style of the shelves and whether the client has
a specific vision. I think about colours, textures and form. People
think a shelf needs to be filled, but negative space allows the eye
the freedom to roam and process the objects.

‘Assemblages’ double natural leather shelves, $385, Lightly. On wall: Still III (2015) photographic print by Felix Forest and Claire Delmar, Becker Minty. Top shelf: Morgan Peck white ceramic sculpture, $85, After Online. ‘Fluted Bell Amphora’ vase, $560, and ‘Rutile’ teabowl, $90, Alana Wilson. Bottom shelf: Morgan Peck white ceramic sculpture, $85, After Online. ‘Olive Shino’ vessel, POA, Alana Wilson. ‘Vortex No.2’ vase, $660, Lyn&Tony. ‘Jumble’ sandstone object, $29.95, Freedom. Marble canister, $119, Safari Living. Alana Wilson ‘II’ vessel, $240, Small Spaces. Flowers from Garlands. Background in ‘Endure’ Low Sheen Interior Paint in Mountain Range, $83.95/4L, Taubmans

 Here’s a look at all the action behind the scenes!