Image courtesy of Walter G.

As one of the most colourful places on earth, India has long been an inspiration to designers the world over. From mystical pink palaces and the rainbow saris of Bollywood to vibrant marketplaces and multi-coloured spices, colours represent a myriad different emotions, religions, traditions and cultures. So what better place to draw your own interior inspiration from?

#1 Washed out & weathered colour

Lauren Emerson and Genevieve Hewson, co-founders of Sydney-based boutique textile house Walter G, say their business was wholly inspired by their first visit to India. For them, it was love at first sight, with inspiration and contradiction lying around every corner.

“Colour is paramount in India,” says Lauren. “From the walls to the people and even the animals, India is not afraid of colour – it’s a part of everyday life. What we try to channel through our textile range is the beautiful washed out and weathered colours that have faded over time, inspired by antique Indian textiles, palace walls and ceilings, weathered doors and ceramics.”

Image courtesy of Walter G.

#2 Unique, handmade pieces

The Indian aesthetic in interiors is perhaps reflective of a wider shift towards an appreciation for the revival of old techniques and traditions; in our tech-heavy age, there is renewed appreciation for handmade, artisan pieces that are by nature unique and have a story to tell.

#3 Bold, bright homewares

“Colour is an intrinsic part of the Indian cosmology and is interwoven through myths, rituals and symbols,” says Julia de Quadros, designer and creative director of Goan boutique and online store India Love.

“There is a rich legacy of decor that has made generous use of colour a vital part of the Indian aesthetic. We see these inspiring homewares around the world because it brings a touch of the exotic and bohemian. It lends an air of adventure and mysticism – hinting at far away lands and times.”

Image courtesy of India Love.

Try it at home:

India is often said to be a place of sensory overload, but if you want to introduce the Indian aesthetic to your home without opting for a wall-to-wall transformation, it could be as simple as a splash of colour. “Hot pink, lime green, neon orange and sparkles are a great introduction,” says Julia. “A vibrant, vintage throw over a sofa or the end of the bed will instantly bring that ‘touch of India’, without being too overwhelming in terms of colour and pattern.”

And once you’re comfortable with that, who knows where it might end?