Emily Buckley and Sally Walters, directors of Baxter + Thrum, weigh in

The deal: Bathrooms have moved beyond the functional space where body maintenance and daily routines are carried out. They have become a celebrated space, a jewel in the home.

The pros: When it comes to the bath, to build-in or not to build-in is a good question. Freestanding tubs are the feature of a room — they are the sculptural centrepiece. Visually, they look beautiful and, once the little legs in our homes grow a bit longer, are definitely something we would both choose to install.

The cons: These baths aren’t great in small spaces, as cleaning behind them can be a pain. Being mums of small kids, we say hob baths all the way. Freestanding tubs don’t provide a place for us to perch during bath time, or a safe spot for little people to sit while getting in and out without see-sawing on the top.

The verdict: Nay. Freestanding baths are best suited to larger bathrooms where you can properly appreciate their form.

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