Caitlin Melling is a prop and floral stylist. Here, she shares tips and
tricks for new season blooms

+ Don’t underestimate a branch for adding a bold element to your arrangement. I love all the blossoms and magnolia branches in spring, and I look out for cyclamens, hellebores, pink waratahs and double tulips. For scented flowers, choose pink jasmine: I planted a large mass outside my bedroom window so it wafts in through the night – heaven!

+ Collect varying vase shapes and sizes, as different flower types require different amounts of support. For branches or long stems, try tall and heavy glass or stoneware vases.

+ If you’re thinking about foliage, interesting leaves that can stand on their own, such as the Rex Begonia, are a beautiful choice. You don’t necessarily need to pair a foliage with your flowers, and I’m definitely a big fan of letting the flowers stand alone.

+ If you really love flowers it’s good to build a relationship with your favourite florist – they’re the ones who can source specific flowers or plants for you and can advise as to what’s in season and what’s looking best at the market.

+ To get the most from your flowers, use cold water and refresh every day or two. They’ll last longer in a cool spot than somewhere bright and warm.

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