Using colour is an expressive way to convey mood, feeling, personality and emotion. Your colour choice in decor, furniture and accessories contribute to the overall ‘feel’ of your space as well as playing a role in how you feel when you are in that space.

If you are feeling stressed, over-stimulated or frustrated, perhaps too much clutter or needing a more effective storage system is not the only cause.

Here’s how colour psychology can help:

  • If your room is primarily lighter in colour it will feel more spacious, airy and less cluttered.
  • If the ceiling is lighter than the walls, the room will feel taller. A dark ceiling will make a space feel smaller – possibly claustrophobic.
  • The tone or shade of a colour (how light or dark) will also affect your space. Pale blue evokes a calm, gentle coolness. Navy blue is more authoritative and powerful.
  • The number of colours in a room will also determine how ‘busy’ the space feels. The higher the number, the busier it is. More than 3-4 colours is not recommended.
  • Natural colours found in the environment help make you feel more relaxed. Green is associated with balance, harmony and growth, whilst blue helps achieve a calm, peaceful or productive space. These work best blended with neutrals – white, greys, browns and black. These palettes work well in bathrooms, bedrooms and home-offices.
  • Warm colours are successful in dining, entertaining or meeting spaces. Red stimulates appetite, orange brings energy and yellow brings joy. These colours attract your focus and inspire confidence.
  • Purple brings balance between cool (blues) and warm (reds) and is popular for boosting creativity.
  • Too much of any colour can affect the temperature of a room, and create unwanted emotions. For example – an all blue space may feel too chilly or gloomy. A dominating red space can feel fiery or stressful.


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