To bring tranquillity to a baby’s room, start with a mix of gentle tones and multi-task furniture. Then have fun adding sweet decorations that will continue to enchant and relax your child.

Growing from a cot to a bed takes about two years

The latest dual-function units can minimise costs. The ‘Pod’ cot from Ubabub uses rounded edges and clear acrylic sides for easy viewing and protection.

Rethink traditional pinks and blues

Experiment with different colours, inspiration can come from a quilt or a treasured artwork. “Repeating these hues in different patterns and textures prevents the child being overstimulated,” says interior decorator and colour consultant Donna Rishton.

Consider storage

Clothes can be folded in drawers, while other baby needs (nappies, lotions and wipes) can be stored under the change table. Or a chest of drawers can double as a change table by adding a mat.

Get the light right

It’s crucial to control the light, day and night. If pendant lights are too bright, have a dimmer switch installed. Daytime darkness is equally important; try curtains with thick lining or “install blockout blinds that are also great insulators”, says Chrissie Jeffery, of No Chintz.

The importance of floors

Carpet or a large rug on timber flooring can make crash landings more bearable. “A soft rug for the baby to roll around or play on provides a soothing effect,” says Joanne McWhinney, from Kids In Designed Spaces.

A comfy armchair is a must-have

A comfy armchair is a must-have for Mum, since she’ll be spending plenty of time feeding, napping and cuddling in the nursery. Nurserywork’s ‘Storytime’ rocker, from Bébé, is both elegant and ergonomic. The upholstery is water-and stain resistant, so you’re well-equipped for any accidents.

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