Nine-to 14-year-old tweens are usually preoccupied with hi-tech gadgets and accessories. There are ways to keep their rooms clutter-free without cramping their style or personal interests

Avoid things that have a childish element to them

“Avoid anything with even a whiff of childhood,” says Melanie Stevenson, of Porter’s Paints. Tweens may enjoy creating a mood board or picking a palette, textiles and accessories. “They often love adult wallpapers in modern colours and bold graphics,” she suggests.

Tweens love showing off their passions

Use their latest obsession as a design starting point. If your daughter is a true fashionista, hang up posters from movies such as Funny Face, starring Audrey Hepburn, or Coco Avant Chanel, with Audrey Tautou. For boys, take colour cues from their favourite sports teams and add similar tones in bedlinen or a rug.

Try storage containers from Reverse Garbage and cushions from Kido.

A functional and attractive study space is key

A desk with good lighting, a gas-lift chair and streamlined shelving is a studying must. Room to store the iPod dock is essential, while a laptop should be kept in a public space, so parents can supervise use.



“For downtime, beanbags or oversized cushions are a favourite, but beds on low bases with heaps of cushions are just as effective,” says Joanne McWhinney. A cool addition is Ikea’s ‘PS Svinga’ suspended seat.

Getting the look takes time

Getting the look takes time, intensity … and product! Both boys and girls will want a full-length mirrored cabinet (with a power point nearby) to store hairdryers, gels and make-up. For a space-saving option, a mirror can be attached to a desk or a chest of drawers.

Inspiring organisation

“A large fabric-covered pinboard (try this decorative noticeboard project) , full of artwork, photos and invitations, can be inspiring,” says Donna Rishton. Create unique art by getting a favourite photograph blown up and turned into a canvas, or load a thousand memories into a digital photo frame.


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