Make your own version of Megan Morton’s milk-crate covers from the October issue of Inside Out to use as a stool and handy storage spot:

Sewing machine

You will need:
1 milk crate
Foam (cut to size or from Spotlight) for the seat
Piece of plywood, cut to the same size as the base of the milk crate
2m of fabric per crate (we used a print from Anna Spiro’s new ‘Lanikai’ range)

Cut the foam to cover one side of the plywood square. Use the glue to attach the foam to the wooden square to make the seat. Alternatively, use a thin cushion instead of foam. Place over the upturned base of the crate.

Measure the top and sides of the milkcrate, allowing an extra 1cm for ‘give’. Cut five squares from the fabric, adding 2cm to the sides, for the seams.

Turn fabric plain-side up and line up the squares so the direction of the print runs horizontally or vertically to suit your design.

Use a sewing machine to sew the squares together to form an open-ended cube, keeping the 2cm seam even throughout.

Turn the right way out and place over crate. Finish with optional trims like fringing, pompoms, braiding or binding, if desired.