For this bedroom decorating story, stylist Megan Morton came to us with something a little different. Through The School, her Sydney headquarters where Megan shares her passion for design with styling classes and workshops, students could enrol into a ‘Style Prac & Publish’ workshop and have the chance to work on this very feature. The styling assistants on this shoot? A roll call of the students who took part!

Styling assistance: Kate alexander, Kristy gordon, Lauren Hernandez, Bea Lambos & Vicky Tapakis


The problem: A big style vision that doesn’t fit your tight budget.

The solution: “Money is cheap – it’s style that’s invaluable,” says Megan. “A limited budget doesn’t have to stand in the way of
a beautiful bedroom. Take an idea you love, like a feature bedhead, and play it out with an affordable version. I found these tatami mats at design hub, Spence & Lyda. They are easy to clean, decorative and hand-woven, and I realised they would make a beautiful bedhead when nailed to a piece of MDF.”

The style secret: Bedrooms are full of standard shapes, so look
for pieces with an eye-catching silhouette – something unexpected like this steamed oak ladder.


The problem: Keeping a common room organised.

The solution: “I always suggest having two kids sharing a room; it’s easier than keeping multiple spaces clean and tidy,” says Megan. “Give each child their own bed territory, and designate shared space for toys and games. Choose raised beds so you can make the most of the space underneath, and try hardy Tubtrug storage tubs at the bottom of the wardrobes.”

The style secret: “We took our colour palette inspiration from
the navy-and-white ‘Kahuna’ linen fabric. Yellow, black and white then become the perfect bedfellows,” says Megan.


The problem: The room that style forgot.

The solution: After a solid declutter session, spark joy with colour
and feel free to experiment with pieces that won’t handle high traffic. “A screen, like this floral beauty from Bonnie And Neil, hides all manner of clutter, from treadmills to sewing machines,” says Megan. “There’s an opportunity here for a ‘you-cave’; some men might have sheds but we can have sensational spare rooms.”

The style secret: Most spare rooms run fairly neutral. Consider
this space as a way to act out any colour fantasies you might
not be game enough to try in the main rooms.


The problem: A love of handmade that’s making your bedroom
look like an art supplies store.

The solution: “The handmade movement is not going away, and once you’ve lived with things you know are truly made by hand, you’ll want more of it everywhere,” says Megan. “The trick is to settle on larger items, such as like heirloom-quality quilts, fibre art and photographs blown up to new proportions.”

The style secret: A few touches of teal give this room its fun factor, with a brass-framed mirror adding a sophisticated element.


The problem: Having less room than you’d like. 

The solution: Play the scale card! “Small rooms are made even smaller visually when you use compact furniture,” says Megan.
“The first thing I do is look for the biggest items of the best quality
to fill the room from the outside in. This adds drama, and the investment pieces are taking up the biggest amount of room real estate. Here a 2.5-metre-wide bedhead, oversized lamp and feature armchair leave no spare room, but add an air of total comfort.”

The style secret: Don’t forget texture. “I added a small abstract
oil from my favourite painter John Reid, an almost-black velvet ottoman and a slender floor lamp for material contrast.”

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