Dining area: (photography) Prue Ruscoe, (design) Benn + Penna Architecture. Kitchen: (photography) Caroline McCredie, (design) CM Studio 

Hiring a professional to ‘stage’ your home prior to selling could get you a 10-25 per cent return, making it worth the investment, says Justine Stedman from Vault Interiors. “Owners may have great personal style but not know how to appeal to a broad buyer pool, whereas a stylist will.” Here are her tips.

+ kerb appeal

“Getting your home’s facade right with a fresh paint job, garden and welcoming outdoor setting on the front porch will set the right tone in buyers’ minds,” says Justine. “This can be the difference between dismissing or going in to explore the property.”

+ lighting is key

“Make sure all the windows and blinds are open when showing the home; natural light is always something potential buyers gravitate towards. If that’s an issue in your home, create ambient light with table lamps, floor lamps and dramatic overhead pendant lighting to create a warm atmosphere buyers will remember.”

+ choose furniture that fits

“The biggest mistake people make when styling their property for sale is selecting furniture that doesn’t fit the room properly. An oversized sofa can make a living room feel much smaller. Similarly, if the furniture is too small it can make the room look and feel odd.”