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When it comes to bathrooms, white is a popular colour choice for a reason. Jess and Tina of We Are Triibe list the benefits of going with the classic colour scheme and their top tips for design.

1. Light and bright

White bathrooms are a great option if your bathroom space is lacking windows or natural light, as they help to brighten a space and reflect light, which also makes this a particularly good option for smaller bathrooms. Just make sure you choose the right white paint for your walls and ceiling, as well as your tiles.

2. Selling point

If you’re looking to re-sell or rent out your home, an all-white or neutral bathroom can act as a blank canvas, allowing people the opportunity to easily visualise themselves as well as their possessions in the space.

3. Timeless

You may think an all-white bathroom could be a bit minimal and risk-averse, but they also have the ability to be timeless in their simplicity. Think of an all-white bathroom as a blank canvas and add colour and character through your styling items and plants, which can soften your space and make it feel more welcoming. Play with tile shapes and grout colour to add another element of interest.

4. Cost effective

White tiles, vanities and products are usually stocked items, making them more affordable and with shorter lead times.

Suggested products: 

  • Razor Slider Duo 750 Vanity, Seima (left)
  • Urbane Back To Wall Freestanding Bath, Caroma
  • White Matte Tile and Honeycomb Gloss White Mosaic Tile, National Tiles.

All products available from The Blue Space.

Tips for keeping your grout clean

+ Ensure you opt for a mould resistant, good quality grout. This is one area that you’ll notice the difference long term.

+ Choosing a darker colour grout will save you the stress of having to continuously clean,  particularly for your floor tiles. If you want to go light, even opting for a pale grey instead of a straight white can make a world of difference.

Top design tips

+ If you are working with lower ceilings, laying rectangular tiles vertically on your walls, either stacked or in a stretcher bond style is a great way to give the illusion of more height.

+ Play with proportions; opting for large floor tiles and smaller wall tiles can make your space feel more balanced, but don’t be afraid to switch things around and put your smaller tiles on the floor with large format tiles on the wall. Playing with tile sizes can add an element of interest to your space.

When selecting a grout colour for your bathroom, matching your wall grout colour to the colour of your floor tile is a subtle way to tie the scheme in together cohesively.

+ For a classic look which is timeless and easy to maintain, choose dark floor tiles with white wall tiles paired with dark grout – this scheme will last the test of time.

Designing a bathroom? Try mixing white with timber: