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Interior designer, Kylie Monteleone from Designbx, shares her ideas for creating a winter bedroom that will keep you pressing snooze on the alarm clock…

‘Tis the season to pack on the layers, get comfortable and settle in for the cooler months. Now is the perfect time to whip your bedroom into shape and create a cosy and intimate space you can’t wait to get into at the end of the day.

A successful master bedroom is all about setting the appropriate mood. Consider how you want to feel in the space and apply the following techniques to achieve your best winter bedroom ever.

The ‘cosy’ factor

Life is better in pyjamas, so why not get comfortable! Comfort is no doubt that feeling of warm, soft cotton sheets under the covers, but it is equally the aesthetic of the bed itself and how it draws you in.

Bed heads are popular at the moment as a statement piece defining your design preference. The look of the bed head will really depend on your style. A Boho bed head may be brightly upholstered with detailed cross-stitch buttoning, in a hand-printed ikat print. Bold to the eye, but soft to the touch when leaning back with that cup of tea in the morning. A cosy Scandi bed head could be slightly curved and upholstered for comfort, but in a neutral, soft-textured felt.

Let’s not forget the warm, rolling layers that dress the bed as well. Just the sight of feather-fill pillows, heavy woven throws, textured cushions and down-fill doonas will be the best invitation you get all winter.

Colour dreaming…

Anchored by the neutral undertones of your flooring, introducing 2-3 warm colours in varied tones will bring the winter vibes to life. Introducing colour into the bedroom can be a tricky balance though, so consider the proportions as to not overwhelm your eye.

Usually seasonal colour change-ups are best applied in soft furnishings, upholstery of bed heads or occasional chairs, wallpaper or wall art. Don’t worry if calculating undertones seems all too hard though. A colour consultant and their well-trained eye can decipher this for you, guiding you in the direction best suited for your ideal colour scheme.

This winter is all about restoring, recharging and reconnecting. Trending colours are perfectly paired for a moody and restorative bedroom refresh. Inspired by the natural tones of metals and the forest, these earthy hues include muted oranges and purples, complimented by pastel tones in pinks, greens and blues. This luscious palette will evoke the warmth of the space while embracing a deep sense of calm and relaxation.

Zone in on sleep

Master bedrooms often also function as an office space or parent’s retreat. This is a great way to maximise the space, but too much activity in a room made for rest can be distracting. With the clever use of floor rugs, feature walls or even lighting, you can zone the spaces in the room and focus on sleep when sleep is due.

First light

Lighting is one of the biggest contributors to the mood of any space. Too much and it can be clinical; too little and you may find yourself in the walk-in, looking for a glass of water. Controlled ceiling and bedside lighting is a great combination allowing control over the light and where it is spread.

Bedside tables and lamps don’t need to be ‘matchy-matchy’ either! Use this as an opportunity to inject your personality into the space with practical furnishings that mirror your style, but not necessarily each other. The same rule applies to bedside tables. Black out curtains or blinds are also a great investment to really maintain a level of darkness when you are sleeping in on the weekends (unless you have kids, of course!).

So, while we reminisce about the summer that was, let’s embrace the cool seasonal change and make the most of getting comfortable. When you wake up tomorrow, get busy and bring the bedroom of your dreams to life.

Kylie Monteleone (@Spacedresser), is a designer at Designbx, Australia’s first complete online interior and exterior design solution, home to over 15,000 home décor products, and a Personal Shopper service that coordinates the supply and delivery of furniture and homewares.

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