The Auchenflower House by architects Vokes and Peters has taken out the House of the Year award for 2017 at the annual Houses Awards, along with a joint award for House Alteration and Addition Under 200 Metres.

Based in an inner-suburb of Brisbane, the house is deceptively simple, yet the judges were especially impressed with the architect’s ability to create an innovative and thoughtful design on a relatively limited budget.

Architects Vokes and Peters were tasked by the homeowners, a young couple with small children, to modify and extend their modest timber cottage so that the building was reconfigured for a number of purposes. As part of the design brief, the provision of open space allows a generous flow of interconnected living spaces conducive to social interaction and adult supervision of kids. The family also wanted a greater connection between the house and garden, and this was achieved by large openings at the rear of the house and the placement of a sitting area overlooking the garden.

The new extension blends familiar design language with a modern and striking side-elevation motif intended to graphically complement the undulating terrain of the property.

The result is a fine, finished home filled with space and opened up to the quiet streets of Auchenflower. As per the jury panel’s verdict, Vokes and Peters have successfully celebrated what it means to live in the warm climate and contemporary social environment of a Queensland city’s inner-suburb.

Take a tour of the Auchenflower House:

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