Must we wax lyrical on the benefits of a good nights sleep? Clearly we do, as so many of us are still finding it hard to get enough hours of sleep in a night. Have you tried painting your room in calming tones, changing your mattress or bedding, meditation, mindfulness and the like, and are still tossing and turning at night?

It’s no secret that house plants are full of health benefits – aside from lowering levels of stress hormone cortisol and blood pressure, they also aid in boosting our immune function, help to improve breathing, and clear the air of toxins. All that seems like they’d feel right at home in the bedroom, frankly.

Aloe Vera

The perfect plant for any self-confessed ‘black thumb’, aloe vera plants are incredibly resilient, and can thrive in warm temperatures and missed waterings. While they may not clean the air or give off a sweet scent like some other plant types, the gel secreted from an aloe plant when sliced lengthwise is a tried and tested remedy for sunburn, breakouts and other skin ailments. The beau

Peace Lily

The name is a dead giveaway, isn’t it? Easy to care for, you’ll know when this plant needs more water when its leaves start drooping. Peace lilies help kill airborne bacteria and microbes that cause allergies, like dry throats and itchy eyes, and can increase the humidity of a room by 5%.


Jasmine plants are a favourite for those suffering from anxiety. Studies have shown that keeping jasmine on hand in the bedroom not only improves ones quality of sleep, but can assist in clearing the mind for boosted alertness and productivity. Above all, its aroma is simply intoxicating.

Snake and Spider Plants

No one wants a snake or a spider in their bedroom. The plant varieties, however? Different story. Both these plants are adept at ridding the air of toxins like formaldehyde and benzene, commonly found in household adhesives and fillers. Spider plants however work especially hard – they absorb bad odours and smells, too.


Long since used in essential oils, lavender, in all its forms, has been touted to reduce stress, lower heart rates and improve irregular sleeping patterns. It also reduces crying in babies, and can decrease rapid-eye movement during sleep, making for some stress-free shut eye.


Who doesn’t love the sweet smell of gardenias? Studies have shown gardenia plants to be as effective as Valium(!) for relieving stress, anxiety and promoting healthy sleeping patterns. They need plenty of direct sunlight and TLC though, so if you’re a first time plant-carer, try one of the aforementioned types first.


You’ve got the plants, now it’s time to upgrade the bedding for a better night’s sleep. Go on!