The above image features interior pillows by Mayvn

We all know the drill when it comes to renting – rules, restrictions, regulations – so how do you personalise your space without using an actual drill? Here are 6 tips for characterising a space without permanent alterations:

1. Be creative with artwork

Landlords place restrictions on what you attach to your walls. Select wall artwork and décor that won’t require permanent fixtures. Adhesive hooks and nails are useful here. Or if you’re feeling daring, why not hang your artwork on string from a picture rail? Artworks, like these super-chic wall hangings from Olli Ella’s (pictured below) can add a little bohemian dream to your living room space, while also allowing you to change which artwork you’re showcasing with relative ease.

2. Create a focal point

The focal point of any room is the part you want all eyes to be drawn to when they enter said room. Easy? For some, it could be a window, for others, a fireplace or a piece of artwork. Just make sure nothing blocks it! For example, add emphasis to your bed with paisley prints and contrasting hues. This focal point will help you frame the rest of the space for other decorations.

3. Accessorise

Channel your inner style with rugs, throws and pillows. Consider soft yet tactile pillows with fun prints, and lay down a sumptuous throw for some added texture to a bed or sofa. Rugs are also great for showing off geometric patterns. Simple accents such as a Mayvn Interior Pillow have great style, are plush and will help to transform the style of your home.

4. Be clever with storage

Rentals usually lack storage, so invest in baskets, book shelves, and functional furniture. The Incy Interiors (shown below) acts as a coffee table, foot rest, and storage for your fluffy knits and throws. If you’re after some wonderful baskets, Olli Ella has a colourful assortment that can help sprinkle style into your apartment dwelling.

 5. Let there be light

Recreate the look and feel of your home with lighting and lighting fixtures. Lighting assists with the ambience of a home so, get creative with candles from Royal Doulton Fragrances. Why not borrow an idea from your child and opt for fairy lights? Or find a tall, handsome (and dark) floor lamp to impress.

6. Bring the outside in

Make others green with envy. A stunning display of plants help to bring the outside in and create warmth and freshness to any room. Select plants with various shapes, textures, colours and patterns for graphic effect. Also consider a combination of climbing and trailing plants, decorative baskets, terrariums and plants in bottles to create room dividers or windowsill displays. For great indoor plant inspiration, check out here.

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