This display is quite attention-seeking, so it will work best in small doses – try an alcove or behind a sofa or bedhead.

Once you decide on the wall you wish to cover, it’s simply a matter of keeping your eyes peeled for images that will suit your intended theme. Collecting such a large number of postcards could take a lifetime, so speed up the process by heading to markets and vintage stores where you are likely to find them en masse (and at bargain prices).

What you will need

  • A collection of postcards
  • Blu-Tack, or similar

Decorating Tip

To avoid total visual chaos, stick to one theme, such as statues, travel destinations, flowers or architecture. This not only gives you a guideline for collecting, it will bring consistency to the total look.

Arrange postcards & stick to wall

Simply use your Blu-Tack on the back of each postcard to apply it to your wall, and rearrange as you wish.


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