Image showcases furniture from SP01 Design.

I know better than to write a long intro for a minimalist, so let’s jump straight in…

  1. Being offended when someone says your home is ‘black and white’

“Excuse me, but there are at least five different shades of grey and did you not see the plant in the corner?”

  1. When someone gifts you a homeware item and you have to pretend to put it in the place they thought it would ‘look good’.

But inside you’re feeling anxious about how cluttered your whole home is now and put it into storage as soon as they leave.

  1. Feeling overwhelmed at IKEA.

“Who needs this much colour choice?”

  1. You don’t understand when friends say they need an entire weekend to do a big ‘cleanout’.

If you haven’t used something in a year, it is no longer in your possession.

  1. Your favourite piece of advice to give is ‘less is more’.

“Let’s just start by taking this out, and this, and this…”

  1. Your favourite colour, isn’t a colour.

“I love plywood.”

  1. You would buy these toothpaste holders.

The Colgate red is just too much.

  1. Buying books is mostly based on the covers than the content.

“Yes that white and gold spine will break up my copy of Kate Moss and Alexa Chung’s It perfectly.”

  1. Your friends will always get your help when choosing white paint.

“Ok what are we going for here, would you like a warm white like Love Note from British Paints or something cooler like Dulux’s Whisper White?”

Oh look! It’s your dream home: