When money is scarce, it is time to be more resourceful and creative. Updating your home interior need not be expensive – repurposing objects in the home, displaying found objects or even adding a feature wall can breath new life to your home.

Here are some affordable ideas to injecting some new style to your home without breaking the bank!

Vintage tea chests and crates (above) can become a personalised storage system with industrial-style character. Arrange heavier chests at the bottom for better balance. The entire display is held together with red, rachet tie-downs.

A tired old chair sees red

Fresh paint brightens anything, so salvage a seat with a new hue. Remember to spray-paint in a well-ventilated room and apply from a good distance, to avoid patchiness.

Handles open doors to new walls

Collect mismatching door handles to use as decorative coat hooks. It’s a good idea to select handles with a similar size and shape, to balance the overall look.

Treasured collectables are framed up

Open your mind to possibilities: frames don’t just have to hold artworks, they can display almost anything you like. Particularly effective are pieces collected on travels – such as vibrant textiles.

General pattern wins the wall war

A patterned panel will add glamour and the impression of an elongated space – a more affordable change than a renovation! You could use a panel of wall stickers or wallpaper to create the panel.

Don’t banish your kitchen paraphernalia to the back of the cupboard – a painted peg board allows your pots and pans to be out and proud. Ensure you hang your board on a frame away from the wall and use stainless steel S-hooks.