Make your own fun floor rug with Gemma Patford‘s easy step-by-step guide. Dress it up or down with colour to suit your style! Find more fun ideas in Gemma’s new book, Roped In.

ombré pink rope floor rug

You’ve probably caught on to the fact that pink is my favourite colour. I love it not just because it’s overtly feminine, but growing up in a family where everyone (yes, everyone – Mum, Dad, my sister, my brother AND the dog) rocked wild red hair, we were told that red and pink clash. Under no circumstances were we to wear pink, because if we did, the free world as we knew it would implode and it would be all our fault for pairing pink with red. As an act of subtle rebellion, I’ve worn pink most days since I was 12. The next project is a way you can inject some rebellion into your living space. This rug also makes a hottt bathroom mat!


+ Pink fabric dye

+ 80m of cotton rope

+ Sewing machine with a zigzag stitch

+ Sharp scissors

+ Thread

1. Following the dye manufacturer’s instructions, create a vat of pink dye. Gather sections of the rope and immerse them in the pink liquid. Watch as the colour seeps into the cotton. Rinse and let it dry completely overnight.

2. Take one end of your rope and coil it into a small circle. It should resemble the number 9 with a small coil and a tail of loose rope.

3. Place your coil under your needle and slowly start to zigzag stitch the rope together. Bind the coil together by reversing over your stitches a few times to secure them. Repeat in the diagonal direction to the first line of stitching.

4. Once your coil is secure, slowly begin to zigzag stitch the loose rope to the coil. Be sure that the zigzag stitch captures the loose rope and the coil as you sew.

5. Continue to sew until your floor mat reaches your desired size. (Biiiiiiig!) If you run out of rope, simply sew a new end of rope onto the old and keep going. Loop the last few centimetres of rope underneath itself and sew it closed. See the little eyelet next to the cute pink shoes? Like that.