What you will need

  • French provincial-style slatted timber chairs (we used French wooden folding chairs from Ici et Là)
  • Medium-sized paintbrush
  • Sandpaper
  • Masking tap
  • Large sheet of paper
  • Paint (we used Ultra Flat Acrylic in Shaker Blue, Fleur, Naturel, Citrus, Parterre and Oyster White, from Porter’s Paints)

Decorating tip

For the best effect, choose colours of a similar soft tone. Pastels work well as they’re different enough to create interest, but not so bright that they become overwhelming.

Lightly sand chairs

If the chairs are second-hand, you’ll need to give them a light sand to strip off any old paint, dirt or rust.

Create colour samples to decide on a coloured paint

Decide on the colours you want to use and paint some stripes on a piece of paper, then cut them out so you can mix up the samples to see what colour sequence works best.

Tape between each slat

Before you start painting, stick some masking tape between each slat to avoid getting paint on the frame.


Following the order of your sample swatches, paint one colour at a time, allowing all the slats of each colour to dry before starting the next (you’ll probably need two coats).