It’s a straightforward and inexpensive way to add a creative design feature to your room.

What you will need

  • Paving paint, for the base (we used Floor painted with Berger ‘Jet Dry’ paving paint in Essex Green, from Amazing Paints)
  • A small roller
  • White acrylic paint
  • Adhesive spray
  • A stencil design (we used JA45 Mokko stencil, from Stencil Gallery)

Decorating Tip

Take your time over the application process. Remember, if any minor mistakes are made they won’t be noticeable when the design is multiplied.

Paint base colour

Paint the base colour, covering the entire surface of the floor.

Coat stencil with adhesive

Once the base colour is completely dry, lightly coat the back of your stencil with spray adhesive to prevent the design from slipping.

Place stencil into position & paint

Place the stencil into position and, using the roller, apply the acrylic paint sparingly.

Remove stencil

Once painting is complete, peel off the stencil and leave the paint to dry.

Continue with the remaining area

For a repeat pattern like the one pictured, start from the corner of the room and work in, so that you achieve a straight border.