Breathing space

Minimalist or richly decorated, your home is your retreat from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Furniture and colour are important, but art can make a big impact, as it does in this Auckland home.

Mix it up

Don’t be afraid to mix different patterns and textures. Ostrich leather and faux suede add a luxurious touch here, while boldly patterned African art creates an raw, earthy feel.

Wide open spaces

Unify the look of open-plan areas by using one colour theme. This living/dining room looks chic and elegant with the presence of taupes, blacks, rich woods and touches of white, while the splash of bright pink in the pop art at the entrance is unexpected and striking. The darker colours sit easily amid the white palette used on the walls, window frames and ceilings, which adds to the feeling of light and spaciousness. Doors at the end of the dining space open out to the garden, flooding the room with light.

When it comes to arranging objets d’art or accessories, go for groups of three. This number lends a sense of harmony and balance to the overall design of the room.

A touch of romance

The antique bow-fronted dresser sets a romantic scene for dressing up. A mirrored box, an antique brush and mirror set, and a collection of perfume bottles add to the luxurious setting.

“The look of this room is classic contemporary. I’ve had it this way for several years; it hasn’t dated and I still love it. I love the colours and the styles – they create a wonderful feeling of serenity,” says the owner.

On the shelf

Thick bookcase shelves don’t have the problem of sagging from the weight of books. This custom-made bookcase has 60mm-thick shelves.