Few things can change the look and feel or appearance of colours and space in your home quite like natural light. Those blessed rays of vitamin D not only improve our mood by lowering blood pressure and stress hormone cortisol in our bodies, but they can dramatically change a rooms aesthetic as well as helping make small spaces look bigger. Didn’t sign up for living in a cave? Here are some cost-effective ways to let the light into your home.


Trim bushes and trees

Firstly, natural light needs to be able to access your home. If you have bushes and trees near windows,  keep them well-maintained so they’re not blocking out the sun completely. Try to avoid trees and hedges on the south side of your home – the sun rises too high for them to provide shade in summer, while blocking out the sun’s warmth in winter.


Clean your windows

In case you needed another reason to clean your windows, here’s one more – dirty, murky and dusty windows can block out a great deal of sunlight. Dust and clean windows regularly, and avoid dark and heavy window treatments and curtains; opt for lightweight and sheer fabrics which let the sun in without compromising privacy.


Add mirrors

Okay, this may not ‘free’, but for argument’s sake we’ll just assume you have some mirrors handy. Cleverly placed mirrors, including those positioned opposite windows or hallways, play with light and create a larger reflection, adding a heightened sense of space and airiness to a room. Mirrored walls and ceilings are another option, but it’ll cost you.


Use colour wisely

Dark colours absorb sunlight, so avoid these if you’re trying to brighten up a space. Opt for bright, neutral colours to paint walls and decorate with. White reflects sunlight best, but lighter shades like pastel blues, yellows and mint greens work just as well.


Position furniture correctly

Well-placed furniture can work wonders in a dark room. Avoid blocking windows and light streams with large, heavy furniture, and opt for bright furnishings, which will create the illusion of a more spacious, light-filled room.


House plants and greenery are the best excuse for letting in more natural light – wouldn’t you agree?