Creating a home that’s stylish and pet-friendly can require compromise, but these cat and dog owners wouldn’t want it any other way. Introducing our new series: pet style files, where we chat to interior designers, stylists and renovation experts about their beloved four-legged friend/s and their home.

First up, interior designer Julia Green, of Greenhouse Interiors.

What’s your pet’s name and breed?

His name is Mr Wolf, (also called, Pooch, Poochio, Barewolf, and Wolfie) and he is a labradoodle.

How long have you lived together?

3 years now.

Have there been any ‘incidents’ during this time? Or is Mr Wolf a well behaved angel?

This dog is not a dog. He is a human. Or a dog disguised in a human’s body. He fully believes he has the same rights as us, but he is the most polite person I have ever met, and assumes nothing. No incidents, he is the most perfectly behaved member of our house by a long shot.

What’s his favourite space or item in the home?

My pillow. I always find him asleep on one of our beds with his little fluffy face on the pillow.

Apparently he wants to sniff us in at all times and keep us front of mind even while sleeping. Such devotion.

How did you ensure your home and backyard was ‘pet-friendly’? Were there any changes you had to make?

No changes really. We have an average sized back yard, but the beach is our extended back yard so Mr Wolf enjoys a beach scramble every day and goes NUTS. He lives indoors with us mostly when we are at home and we all fight to hug him.

What advice would you give to soon-to-be pet owners in regards to their home?

Our dog is non-shedding. This has been a game changer having owned other pets that shed. Also consider the temperament of your kids (they cop a beating family dogs in a nice way – lots of rough and tumble with my young boys) and set your rules early.

When designing and styling your home, has your pet ever swayed a decision? 

I have to say I recently contemplated a blush pink velvet sofa, and wanted it so badly. I didn’t do it, only as I know Mr Wolf may have put his wet beach paws on it and stained if much faster that I would like.

What’s the best part about having a pet?

Their total unconditional love at all times. After a crap day, Mr Wolf wipes all our tears away. he has a special bond with every member of our house, and we don’t know how we ever lived without him. I also love the way they teach children to be accountable, and nurture and love.

I will never forget when my husband announced that he had bought a dog for over 2k and was flying it in from Tasmania. I had conniptions. I wanted to rescue a dog. Not spend money we didn’t have on a fluff ball. And another mouth to feed – I was livid.

And yet the moment I laid eyes not that dog, I fell madly in love and am now the biggest sook of them all with him.

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