Image courtesy of CO:Home.

Can’t stand an unmade bed? Or can’t see the point of making it when you just get back in later?

Nicolle Sullivan, founder of bedlinen label, Cultiver, weighs in… 

The deal: No matter whether clothes are draped on chairs, or bags, books and knick-knacks are scattered about, I believe a bedroom will look 90 per cent tidy if the bed is made. For most people, their bed takes up the majority of space in the bedroom, so how it looks can have a big impact.

The pros: Certain types of bedding, like washed linen, look fantastic even when they’re not neatly arranged. A quick pull of the duvet, drape of the sheet and punch of the pillow is all it takes to have that effortless chic look. A bonus is that you can also achieve a very elegant refined look, with a little more effort, with the very same bedding.

The cons: Having an unmade bed sometimes gives the ‘have I left my hair straightener on?!’ feeling for the rest of the day. There’s also the sense that an unmade bed takes ‘more space’ – visually at least – so consider your room’s proportions before going for this look.

The verdict: Nay! I’m a big believer in the mental clarity that comes from starting the day with a made bed. If you don’t have bedding designed to look good unmade, keep your layers simple.


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