One half of The Block: Glasshouse winning duo, Shannon Vos of Vos Creative shares his wrap-up of The Block week 2 – guest bedrooms.

After last weeks ‘baptism by fire’ you’d think this new lot would steer clear of any bathrooms this week, especially when all Scotty is asking for is a single guest bedroom. Nevertheless, three teams are throwing them in this week, not to mention a fireplace, a couple of walk-in robes, blown water pipes, sinking framing and all the facades (thats without getting a look at the actual guest bedrooms). It just goes to show how cut throat and high standard this year’s competition is. Seriously, stop over achieving! So glad I’m on the couch for this one.


Ronnie & Georgia

With their confident attitude and a precise game plan, Ronnie and Georgia quickly are on their way to being ‘the couple to beat’. Again they shine this week and rightly so. What an incredible room! Sorry I’m gonna have to stop here and say that is one of the best bedheads I have ever seen. The charcoal crushed velvet extending way past the bedsides gives the room a huge sense of grandeur, and this colour lends to everything else in the room popping against the darker tones. Yeah, the floors are lovely, the floral print is picture perfect, the lighting under the bed looks cool (show me in a year when there’s a whole bunch of crap under the bed), but the palette in the room is just spot on. The delicate balance between the masculinity of the charcoals and greys, with the delicate  softness of the pinks and the florals, and the odd pop of brass, it all makes this room just shy of perfect. Seriously this is a ‘guest bedroom’? Wow!


Sticks and Wombat

The boys have had their backs against the wall this entire week, with creaky floors, burst water pipes, a wonky 100 year old frame and an astonishing three rooms to reveal. I’m surprised they even got to the end in one piece (or did they?). Sticks and Wombat’s rooms this week has suffered, maybe not to a terrible extent, but I’m just not feeling the love. While I applaud Wombat’s bed (he really committed to the blue), I feel the rooms are a bit disjointed and there’s a lack of direction. The period features are a bit too ‘period’ for me. The bedhead, the chair, the lights and the fireplace all seem too ‘yesteryear’. I reckon if they bridged the gap between the heritage in the bedroom and the modern in the ensuite they could land a happy medium that will see them through this series. Their ensuite has an abundance of space, and is a real credit to the amount of work the boys tackled this week, if they can just find that happy medium between the two styles, I think we could see some chicken dinners.


Jason and Sarah

Far be it for me to call anyone’s room ugly, I know how hard it is and what incredible amounts of pressure these lot are all under. But if you’re gonna paint a wall black against a white ceiling you best have a steady hand, it’s even tricky for us seasoned pros. Jason and Sarah certainly needed a pro’s help with their painting because it’s a dogs breakfast – there’s more bumps and dips here than Friday night on Cavill Ave… sorry. Enough of that. Their room, however, is amazing! The charcoal wallpaper works a treat and it brings a real sense of drama to the room. The brass detail in the lighting and the wardrobe is a perfect accompaniment to the white doors and that soft pendant, and the magic continues in their ensuite. The white palette is a perfect backdrop for that gorgeous polished brass tap ware, and it looks just divine, and let’s take a second to appreciate that pressed metal black sink… OMG, just perfect. Now if only they had finished…


Josh and Elyse

Can we just stop to appreciate how much love is going into velvet this year? And I’m pretty sure Josh and Elyse’s bedhead just takes the prize for best dressed. The model couple just keep on knocking them outta the ball park, nail-guns blazing and delivering on point every week. Josh’s custom paneling looks great, adds plenty of character and is a great way to ‘fill up’ an otherwise empty plasterboard wall. The ensuite is fantastic, with loads of personality, though I’m not a fan of a glass shelf (show me one that’s a year old and still looks good). The hand glazed subways and the Moroccan style floor (kudos Jason and Sarah) teamed with modern fittings, tread that balance between old world charm and a contemporary feel. The light fittings really hit that brief as well – new but with plenty of old world charm. Back to that perfect bed setting though. The mix of blue velvet, tan leather and crisp linen is just gorgeous, and again it’s that balance that makes it all work. The textures, the colours and the tones all sit beautifully together. Another killer room.


Hannah and Clint

After last week’s train wreck, Hannah and Clint opt out of the ‘ensuite race’ and deliver just the one room. Better to do one room great than three mediocre, yeah? But what an improvement! Their bedroom is just gorgeous. The bedhead and setting is cosy and inviting with the soft greys and hints of contrast and colour. There’s plenty of plush in the pillows and throws, and the wardrobe is bang on, finished in a warm grey, perfectly placed and detailed with a hint of (I’m guessing) bone in the handles. The lighting is superb, with simple classic elements in the pendant and wall sconces. The bedhead is an almost denim/linen combo finished with brass studs and grabs plenty of interest, and the artworks above, while always subjective, do throw me off a touch. They feel a bit ‘run of the mill’, and I reckon a few floral pieces would have suited much better, but the whole room, study included, feels really planned and well thought through.

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