Image above features Josh & Elyse’s master suite from The Block.

One half of The Block: Glasshouse winning duo, Shannon Vos of Vos Creative shares his wrap-up of The Block week 6 – master suites.

Wow, what a week The Block has thrown at us! And by us I mean the five battered couples going through hell right now on the wrong end of a camera. With the biggest reveal ever undertaken – expansive bedrooms, huge wet areas, walk through robes bigger than most rooms, a baby and catastrophic mess come reveal time – it’s no surprise that this week will go down as one to remember. A master bedroom (well a whole master suite) is so important to get just right as it’s the emotional pull that will attract buyers. Sure, kitchens and bathrooms will sell a home, but a killer master retreat will quickly seduce a buyer and pull at their heartstrings. We nailed it back in The Glasshouse with a win in our ensuite and a great score in our bedroom but lets see how these poor souls scrub up.


Walking up the stairs, Josh and Elyse ditched the entrance door and, much to the judges’ surprise, went for open plan living this week. I think it works beautifully. It opens up the space and makes the master suite feel ten times bigger than what it already is. The soft, pink-lined bedhead and styling almost borders on a ‘nanna vibe’, but the strong lines in the ceiling and the grey-rendered TV wall both ground and balance the aesthetic nicely. I’m not sold on the anti social lounge setup because it looks a touch awkward with both seats facing the TV, but the walk-around wardrobe is luxury in spades and styled almost like a high-end boutique.

The winner for me though is the ensuite and that pale-green herringbone feature wall (which is just drop-dead-gorgeous). These tones are gorgeous combination when paired with the pinks in the bedroom against a white palette, and the fittings and fixtures in the rest of the bathroom really set the space apart with a clear winning edge.


With a man down mid-week due to an impending delivery, Wombat has scraped through and finished on his lonesome. The room is well laid out but very lacking. The use of timber is an organic touch much alike the previous rooms the boys have finished, but in order to ‘wow’ the judges, more layering is needed to bring a level of softness and character to the space. It’s all very pared back and all very masculine. Wombat’s angry red self-portrait throw the judges off a bit as does the un-dressed windows which are a privacy issue for the self-conscious. The wardrobe is quite the opposite though, with soft curves in the twin round mirrors and the beautiful door handles. Their ensuite is a blank canvas of white on white with some striking black features. The floor-mounted towel rail is just stunning as is the black beam housing the two shower roses. Just maybe not the best use of timber in a wet area.



We all saw it coming and it was like watching a train wreck – something you just cant look away from. Jason and Sarah have succumbed to the overwhelming onslaught that is this monstrosity, and didn’t they just cop it from Scotty and the judges. I do feel for them, but this build is so gigantic that you just can’t let any of it get away from you. Jason and Sarah seemed to flippantly coast through this week, unhindered by the looming deadline and almost dismissive of any advice anyone would give them. Their room has nothing to show, there’s missing plasterboard, no paint, no floor, no tiles, nothing even giving a hint of a finished product. It goes to show that every minute counts, you need to be working every waking second of the day and everything else in life is just background noise. With a looming ultimatum, it looks like they will have their work cut out for them next week.



Power couple Ronnie and Georgia made plenty of great decisions in the master suite this week, and though they may be burning few bridges along the way, they are on fire in this competition. A dramatic hallway creates an exclusive entrance, shutting the space off from the rest of the home and opening up into their expansive master suite. The colours they used are just so damn hot and bang on trend. Charcoals, earthy pinks and greys  – a recipe that has worked for them previously and one that certainly impresses the judges again. I love the moody artwork of the girl’s back and the tones used are perfect for this space. The pullout TV is a nice idea, but maybe a bit too gimmicky. This room is full of luxurious finishes and plenty of layers, creating drama and character that we all would want in our bedrooms. The walkthrough wardrobe / bedhead is a beautiful feature, but seems too cramped all pushed against the back wall. The ensuite has plenty of natural tones with striking white fittings and is laid out perfectly. The window’s reveal runs into a nib shelf, adding a great architectural feature. I’m not sold on the super tech bidet toilet, but this ensuite is the perfect accompaniment to a beautiful master bedroom.



Clint and Hannah’s gorgeous palette knocked my socks off this week. What a beautiful and delicate feel to the room! Though super feminine and not everyones cup of tea, the room is cohesive, grounded and perfectly to scale. The layout is spot on with the bed against the lower ceiling as it gives a cocooning effect when in bed. The super wide bedhead and the floral wall print behind accentuates the width of the room and adds to the perception of space. The wardrobe is giant (surely bigger than most normal bedrooms), nicely styled and full of luxury with dark timber tones and an island cabinet. Their ensuite, though well laid out, seems a touch lacking. Everything is there, and the vanity and rounded mirrors are beautiful, but it doesn’t have the sense of luxury or the layers that the bedroom had. The real star though, is the blush pink velvet and brass seating under the round mirror in the bedroom – that vignette deserves a magazine cover.

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