Image showcases a reece™ bathroom.

Considering you spend 30 minutes of every day (on average) in your bathroom*, there are a lot of things to contemplate before undertaking your renovation.

One way to gain insight into what you should be focusing on in terms of design and functionality, is by looking at the habits, needs and wants of men and women in Australia (especially if you’re renovating to sell).

Learning who, why and how the bathroom is used can be incredibly useful when it comes to making decisions. Or the numbers could be the exact evidence you need to sway a vote…

  • Women spend 3.25 years of their life in their bathroom, while men spend only .75 years. (How’s that for leverage ladies?)
  • Women spend the most time in the shower, drying off, moisturising and applying makeup.
  • Men spend the most time on the toilet and brushing their teeth.
  • Women are more likely to get dressed in the bathroom, or listen to music in the bathroom. (FYI, these portable music players take up hardly any space…)
  • Men are more likely to talk on the phone, read, or watch TV – which may also explain why 50 per cent of men also want more technology in their bathroom. A showerhead with built-in bluetooth anyone?
  • 70 per cent of women want more storage in their bathroom. That’s no small stat! If you can’t renovate, here are 7 other ways to get your bathroom clutter under control.
  • 20 per cent of women want more light in their bathroom, which is why choosing the right lighting options is one of the five important rules of great bathroom design.
  • 10 per cent of men want darker colours in their bathroom, while 10 per cent of women want lighter colours. No wonder black and white is a popular compromise! Take a look at these monochrome designs for inspo.
  • 35 per cent of people escape into the bathroom when they want to think.
  • 43 per cent of people feel the bathroom is the only place they can get time to themselves and escape. We have a sneaking suspicion it has something to do with allure of sinking into a magnificent bath with a good book…
  • 81 per cent want improved feel, flow and layout. Here’s how one family managed to gain space in their tiny bathroom.
  • 54 per cent want increased home value.
  • 53 per cent want integrated storage. Here are some options you might not have considered.
  • 35 per cent want energy efficiency.

*All stats and facts are from The Happiness Project™

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