Keep your workspace clutter-free with a cleverly crafted desk tidy…

#1 Made From Good Deeds ‘Platform 3’ organiser

Designers: Christel & Daniel Hadiwibawa

The brother-and-sister duo behind Made From Good Deeds created their stationery and homewares label in 2014. “My background is in furniture design and making, and Daniel is a graphic designer,” says Christel. “Daniel looks after graphics and presentation, and I look after the timber work, sourcing and manufacturing. I find a way to make it work, and then Daniel finds a way to make it look good.”

Their pieces take their names from the pair’s other passion: travel. “We make our ‘Station’ timber stands and a ‘Hangar’ wall display, as well as the ‘Platform 3’ organiser.” Their organiser is a streamlined and functional piece, suitable for a variety of workspaces. “It’s a way to keep small essentials within reach,” says Christel. With spots ready to take everything from your phone, keys, coins, pencils and even a slot for a little calendar – or a favourite family photo – the piece is able to adapt to the needs of the user. “Our vision to is to create minimal stationery and display products with an emphasis on form, function and inspiration.”

$89.95, Made From Good Deeds.

#2 Hunt ‘Smart’ desk set

Designer: Max Hunt

While his work is known for the use of timber and wire, South Australian-based designer Max Hunt has recently expanded his repertoire to include porcelain to the mix. “I’m always excited to try out new technology and combine it with old work crafts, like joinery and metal casting,” says Max. His ‘Smart’ desk set was inspired by the late artist Jeffrey Smart: “I remember on a school trip to the Art Gallery of South Australia, I saw Jeffrey Smart’s Control Tower – I’ll never forget that moment.” A combination of 3D fabrication and hand-finishing has resulted in the bold shapes and colours of the set. “For this piece, I 3D-printed slip-cast moulds. Once the porcelain is set, they’re hand-glazed and fired in a food-safe finish.” The pieces can be arranged to fit in a number of formations to create a range of shapes and fulfil a variety of uses. “I love the way the interlocking parts catch the shadows of the sun in the studio,” says Max. “It reminds me of Mr. Smart’s work.”

$399, Hunt Furniture.

#3 Rachel. desk tidy

Designer: Rachel Vosila

After graduating from the College of Fine Arts in Sydney, designer Rachel Vosila kick-started her new label in 2015 with a challenging one-a-week project. “I made 52 chairs in 52 weeks,” says Rachel. “Things have just followed on from there.” Her desk tidy was created from a desire to put her unique spin on the traditional office in-tray. “They’re such a functional part of any office, however, aesthetics often aren’t considered with most of the options available today,” she says. The piece is formed from moulded acrylic rods drilled and welded together to create the frame – they’re then topped with ceramic shelves. Working out of her cosy studio space in Sydney’s Marrickville, Rachel creates a range of clever seating and homeware items. “I am still evolving as a designer,” she says. “My style or aesthetic might alter slightly, my favourite materials and shapes and processes grow – but I always come back to storytelling and the practical relationship we have with many objects in our day-to-day life.”

$45, Rachel Vosila

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